Rating System

I review all books honestly and to the best of my ability. I will try my best to explain my opinion and my reasoning for a specific rating. If you want to ask me to review a book, please visit my contact page. Also, all my opinions are my own and will never/have not been influenced by the publisher/author of any books I review. Below is my rating system. The butterfly graphics are property of Poqi, a deviantart member.

 5 Butterflies: This book was just amazing! I will praise it infinitely and basically everywhere I think of! Expect these picks to be recommended to you, often.

 4 Butterflies: I really enjoyed this book! Maybe I was disappointed in an aspect or maybe it wasn't amazing but that doesn't mean it's not great! These are usually the first books in a series that I'm enjoying (i.e. books that I enjoy but don't love)
 3 Butterflies: I liked this book! There were probably a few flaws or things I can't wrap my head around but overall, a nice story/book.
2 Butterflies: This book probably annoyed me, a lot. The main character or love interest was totally unrealistic and I could not wrap my head around it. 
1 Butterfly: Please do not pick this book up. I do not recommend it. 

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