August 10, 2014

An Update & Message for Old & New Followers

It's been so long since I opened up the old Blogger draft and I must say, I feel nostalgic. I have very important information to tell you.

If it's unclear, this blog is currently INACTIVE. Meaning:
-No review requests (please don't email me)
-No new posts (except this one)

So if you're here to get a review request or something of that nature, check out my new place of residence (blog-wise) Read.Sleep.Repeat. Thank you.

If you're reading this because you've been following me this whole time, HI! I've missed you, or well, whatever 15 followers I had. Some general updates about my life (this seems necessary):

-I still work at my local library
-I am still blogging (see above)
-I hit my one year blogoversary, that was nice.

I think that's it...

I'm not sure what the protocol here is. Anyway, hope you've all been happily reading and sharing the book love.


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