February 18, 2014

[LGBT 2014 Challenge] Things I Want to See More of in YA LGBT Fiction

back01_zpsf0e86300This year, I’m participating in the LGBT challenge. This awesome challenge is hosted by Cayce at Fighting Dreamer.  I plan to read and review 5 books this year that contain main characters that are either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual. I have yet to read an LGBT book (my TBR pile is too big) but I am definitely going to participate in February’s challenge topic. The topic this month is Things I want to see more of in YA LGBT Fiction. I’m so excited for this topic, this is going to be fun! Without further ado, here are things I’d like to see more of in YA LGBT Fiction:

Less of a personality trait: Most LGBT books are about someone struggling to learn more about who they are or something along those lines. Sometimes, it seems that the character’s sexuality is a personal trait rather than a mere fact about the character. I want to see some fantasy LGBT books, for example (I am aware of Huntress by Malindo Lo, we need more books like it). Rather than having the character’s sexuality be the focus of the book, I want the character fighting zombies, vampires maybe even DRAGONS but I want their sexuality to not define them but just to be a mere fact.

Awkward characters: I find that a lot of LGBT characters are sometimes confused or maybe even curious about their feelings but the characters themselves are never very awkward. Why can’t a quirky teenage girl discover that her best friend is someone she has a crush on? Or maybe even the same thing can happen to a guy. I want to relate to these characters, not just read their story!

Cuteness: I find that a lot of LGBT stories have a grand message or some big moral message and there’s nothing wrong with that but I would like to see a cute story about an LGBT couple. Like Anna and the French Kiss but maybe more along the lines of  Andy and the French Kiss. How great would that story be?

In general, I think LGBT novels need to have more cute stories, characters we can relate to and LGBT characters whose sexuality is not a personality trait but rather just something about them. transparent divider What do you think about this topic? Is there anything I didn’t mention that you’d like to see in LGBT novels? Let me know!

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