February 21, 2014

Confession: Why My Blogging Fails

blogging fail

Before you read on: this isn’t a post to make you guys feel bad for me or anything. This is just me ranting about why I sometimes annoy/disappoint myself and what I’m doing to change that. I understand if these posts aren’t your thing (they’re usually not mine either) but I just want to rant, blogging is for that.

(also, how nice is that new banner? At least I don’t totally fail)

Getting Books: I have way too many books. I know loads of people who have more books then me but the 20+ books I have that are unread really bother me. I keep buying and buying books because of sales signings and other stuff but NO MORE! I already restricted my requesting and now I’m going to take a step further and restrict my library books and the books I buy. A lot of new releases are coming out that I really want but I’ve decided that I should read what I already have. I know it’s going to be hard but I think that I can do it!

Commenting: You guys have NO IDEA how terrible I am at commenting. My Feedly gets so out of hand that I just end up clearing it and not commenting. And when I finally do get around to reading posts, I read the posts and just don’t comment. I am terrible at commenting but I read almost everything that my favourite bloggers write! I also take FOREVER to respond to comments on my own blog but I’m trying guys, I’m trying!

Making Decisions: I’ve noticed this recently but all my blogging decisions are so rash. Starting my blog? Only took half a second of thought. Changing my URL? I didn’t even plan, I just changed it. Ending my hiatus early? I got bored and decided to start blogging again. All my decisions are hasty and rash and that doesn’t work. So far, nothing terrible has happened but I know if I’m not careful, I’m going to screw up (it’s inevitable). That’s why I’m now keeping a blogging calendar (google docs saved my blogging life) and I’m trying my best to be diligent.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, thanks for being a supportive reader. *hugs*

Have you ever felt like you fail at blogging? Do you have any tips for me? Let me know!

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