January 31, 2014

Back from Hiatus!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know how anxious I was to start blogging again so it gives me great pleasure to say: I AM BACK!
I decided to cut my hiatus a little short because I just missed blogging so much! My next post is scheduled to go up on the 3rd of February but I may post something tomorrow as well. Even though I was technically on hiatus, I was still very active on Twitter so if you follow me, it might not have seemed like I was on a hiatus at all! I did a lot of studying and caught up on schoolwork and I worked a lot as well. I ended up also doing some reading and I planned some posts for the next couple of weeks. I also made a new spreadsheet and I came up with some new feature ideas.  Basically, be prepared for a whole lot of awesome including three blog tours (which is a lot but I am super excited) and the very awesome Stephanie Perkins Readathon! I am hosting the Anna and the French Kiss portion and I am super excited! There will be discussion posts, gif usage and (maybe) some giveaway so be sure to sign up if you need to read the series soon or if you are in the mood for a re-read.
Back to some more relevant things, here is a list of things I did during my hiatus:
  • Read 10 books
  • Scheduled tons of posts
  • Came up with a new feature! (It will be posted later next week so keep an eye out)
  • Wrote some reviews & scheduled them
  • Planned some awesome giveaways!
  • Tweeted like crazy
  • Added a new Bloglovin’ button to the blog
  • Watched A LOT of Heroes (I’m addicted!)
I know I also promised a new blog layout/colour scheme but I decided against it because I actually really love how my blog looks and I feel that it accurately reflects me (because of its brightness and stuff) so I shall leave it for now. Also, I am getting business cards designed and they match this theme and the front side is done and I AM IN LOVE! I would show you a picture but I want to wait until the full design is done so I can order them and then proceed to distribute them like crazy. I’m also thinking of getting a couple bookmarks designed because those things are AWESOME but that’ll have to wait.
If you’ve read all of this that means you must have missed me as much as I missed you and I just want to thank all of you guys for sticking by me! Some things you can expect to see later next week: 2 book reviews, first post in a new feature, my 3rd Readiculous Finds post AND a guest post from the Heartbeat blog tour!

And that’s it! Did you guys miss me as much as I missed you? Are you looking forward to my new posts/features? What did you miss most?  I know you guys didn’t miss me too much so the least you can do is play along ;)

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