December 31, 2013

[Readiculous End of the Year Celebration] Bookish New Year’s Resolutions!

end of the year
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Welcome to the last and final Readiculous End of the Year Celebration post! The New Year starts tomorrow and I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to make some New Years Resolutions. I always end up making one or two in my head but then I forget about it which is terrible. I think that this post will inspire me to stick to my goals & have more faith in myself!
033 Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

1. Be better at commenting on my favourite blogs. I regularly read and visit my favourite blogs but I almost never comment. I just read the posts, maybe have a laugh, and just exit the blog. I love these posts but I am TERRIBLE at commenting! Unless I feel really inspired, I rarely comment on blogs I regularity visit (there are some exceptions of course). This year, I’ll try to comment some more and actually express my thoughts on the post, instead of just reading it.

2. Be more interactive. I try to interact with my followers but I always get nervous if I ever see a tweet (as an example) and I want to jump in and add my opinion but I don’t want to be rude! It’s hard trying to talk and chat without worried about being noisy or rude.

3. Plan ahead of time. I usually write posts the night before or I go on a streak of writing multiple posts at once and then when those posts are all published, I will go back to write one the  night before. I love posting every day, it’s consistent and convenient for me right now but I want to be able to do that in the future. I’ll try to write my posts a couple days in advance and have some back up posts as well.

4. Manage my TBR pile better.  I went on a huge book shopping spree this year in general and now I have more library books and about 15 books to read that I own. I want to manage the books I buy and take out at the library so I don’t get overwhelmed. That’s why I wrote a list of books that I will buy this year and nothing more unless there are HUGE sales and I read the book (from the library for example) and need my own copy.

5. Update my blog pages. My review archive and my about page are outdated and I really need to update those. I want to make sure my blog is as accurate/relevant as it can be. I might also add a blogroll but that might take too long. 

6. Plan/participate in more events! I participated in my first readathon this month & this is the first event I planned and I really like it! It’s a lot of fun and I think it’s a blast just to participate in!

7. Have more unique features. I love seeing other people’s exclusive/unique blog memes or features and I want to create some of my own! I already made one this month called Readiculous Finds and it is inspired by someone else and I want to have my own posts. I want to have some originality to my blog & to put my own twist on it!
What are your bookish New Year’s resolutions? Do we share any of the same resolutions? What are your opinions on my resolutions or making New Year’s resolutions in general? Let me know!

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