December 7, 2013

[Discussion Post] Writing Discussion Posts


As I was thinking of what to write about, I came up with this idea. I know a discussion post about writing discussion posts seems iffy but hear me out. I love reading discussion posts, most people do. They bring the most visitors, commentors and unique visitors. A lot of bloggers have pointed it out and I’ve started noticing it too. But that’s not what this post is about. I know why discussion posts are the most popular, they are original, unique and really fun to read but sometimes, it feels like the same discussion posts are appearing over and over again. Before I continue I should mention that this post in no way is trying to be offensive to any blogger or commenter. I am merely pointing out some things that annoy me and things that I think we can improve on. If I offended you while reading this post, I’m sorry. This is one of my “snarkier” posts and I’m not aiming to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I know writing discussion posts is hard, heck, I’ve been writing this one for a good while not but I feel like as bloggers, we’ve run out of things to discuss. I keep seeing the same things being talked about. I don’t mind that part, I really don’t, I just don’t like seeing several people posting very similar discussion posts with a general opinion. Let me elaborate. So I am introducing, popular discussion posts and why they annoy me or why I really enjoy them.

1) Book Buying Bans. The amount of these I have seen is immeasurable. I don’t really find them annoying, I think it’s a great topic but this one is a little too popular. I think we all agree that buying books is amazing but we buy too much of them. Which is why we go on bans and then when we give up on said bans, we write about it. And then we go on another ban. And then we break that ban. It’s an endless cycle of discussion posts and things that we all know but choose to repeat. I love these discussion posts but they appear to often.

2) Accepting ARCs. This one is something I really enjoy reading. My stance on ARCs and review copies is a little iffy/always changing so I love reading these discussion posts. I’m not saying that they don’t get out of hand because they do, but I love reading them. It’s always interesting to see everyone’s opinions.

*I had more ideas/examples to insert but I got tired haha*

Those are just two examples. I have many more but I think I’m going to steer this post in a new direction. While popular discussion posts are sometimes annoying and sometimes enjoyable, I can see why certain things are popular. It’s hard coming up with original posts. It feels like every idea I have is already done and I feel like it’s repetitive. It’s challenging and I can see why many topics are always being repeating, even unintentionally. I think popular discussion posts can be original and unique if it’s something that can be debated. If a post is generally stating something we all agree on, it’s going to get us nowhere.

What’s your opinion on discussion posts? Do you ever get annoying of seeing the same discussion posts? Are you always scouring for new original discussions? What do you think makes a discussion post great? Do you ever feel like your ideas have already been taken? Let me know!


  1. Like you, I'm really interested in reading about others' stance on accepting ARCs. It's definitely a topic with pros and cons so it's nice for me to read and see what everyone else thinks. I'm not really a big fan of discussions on book buying bans though. I think that'd be cool to announce on Twitter but I don't really think it's necessary to make a discussion about it...because what can you really talk about? You basically summed up everything that can be said about bans and for me, I'm not too big of a fan of reading the same thing over and over.

    BTW, I forgot to say this before but I really love your blog design! The birds are so cute!

  2. You certainly wrote a more unique discussion post, because I haven't seen anyone adressing this 'issue' before. I agree that some topics are a bit too popular, but I still like to see what some bloggers think about it! The book buying ban isn't my favorite topic either, I agree that it's a visual circle. I prefer more things about book aspects, like what type of character someone likes/dislikes or what they want to see more often in books :)

  3. Yeah the book buying ban discussion posts are definitely popping up everywhere. To be honest, I don't tend to read them unless it's from a blogger I know well. I kind of like it when it's not really a discussion post, but it's put into a recap post or something.

    I haven't actually seen too many ARC discussion posts! I've seen maybe one or two. One was Asti's (A Bookish Heart) but I can't remember whose the other one was. Possibly Charlotte from Gypsy Reviews. Well, in any case, I guess I don't mind seeing what people think about them. But I'm probably not as interested as you are seeing as though my firm belief is grab them if you want to read them :P

    I agree! A discussion post is much more interesting if you can get different views on the issue. I mean, it's not really a discussion if everyone says the same thing.


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