December 16, 2013

[Discussion Post] Reading Multiple Books at the Same Time


I have been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately. I know a lot of people who read multiple books at once. For example, they’ll start reading a book and get mid-way through but get bored or won’t feel like reading it, so they’ll just pick up another book and start reading that. I have a lot to say about this topic and I haven’t seen people discuss this topic too often (if ever), so I want to hear some other opinions.

Topic: How many books do you read at a certain time?

Personally, I read one book at a time. I admit, I’m often tempted to pick up another book mid-way through one that I am currently reading but I never do it and here’s why. Number one, I would honestly get really lost and confused between books. Even reading a pleasure read and an assigned book from school always made me confused. I would forget about one book or mix them up in my head and it would just get so confusing! Two, I’m afraid of being stuck in a vicious cycle. I’m worried that if I do stop reading a book midway through it and pick up another one, I’ll just keep doing that until I have about 5 books that are almost done. Then I’ll finish all 5 books and then have nothing to read! That’s why, I read one book at a time and plow through it, even if it gets boring. Clearly, there are pros and cons to every system.

I’ve invited Sofia (@ Loving the Language of Literacy) to write a little paragraph about the topic and I noticed that her views are different from mine! Read what she has to say:

I have been reading multiple books at once since the ripe old age of six years old when I read “Froggy Learns to Swim” and “Rapunzel” at the same time. Just kidding, those weren’t the actual books, but the part about age six is correct. I know there are proven scientific studies about how multitasking is bad. Reading multiple books at once can be form of multitasking. So why do I keep doing it? Well, I think it’s just because old habits die hard, and one of these three reasons. The first is that I may have left the book I’m currently reading somewhere, and then I’m stuck without it, and I need to read something. The second reason is if the book I’m currently reading gets boring. The third is if there’s a book I’m dying to read that I wasn’t able to obtain earlier, so when I finally do, I put everything else aside. I think these reasons are ones that can happen and do to other people. What I do not do is purposefully open up another book and start reading while in the middle of another book. Reading two books at a time is fine, but I do remember times when I was reading 3-4 at a time. When doing that, it can be hard just to keep track of what’s going on. I know reading multiple books at once can seem be a bad thing to do. I do end up reading multiple books at once, although I try not to. I personally think two at a time is doable if you think you can handle it, but I overall I advise to not do more than that. This is all of course my own opinion, but I hoped it either gave you insight or helped you out.

See what I mean when I said that everyone has different opinions on this topic? I personally can’t read more than one book but Sofia says that she can sometimes read two at a time so I guess it just depends on the person!

How many books do you tend to read at a certain time? Are you pleased with your system/reading pace? What do you think of the issue? Don’t hesitate to let me know!

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