December 26, 2013

[Discussion] How Do You Recommend Books to Non-readers?

I am an avid book-pusher, if there is a book that I loved, I will tell EVERYONE to read it! My friends are used to this and I will often just bring them books to read! I lend my books out often (I love my books but I love to spread the magic of them more) but the trouble is, how do I get my friends to be interested in reading?

I recommend books to my friends all the time and they sometimes borrow them but it is a constant battle. How do I convince them to keep reading? I just recommend books and hope for the best but is there
anything you do? Sometimes, this is what it feels like:
(gifs represent my reactions by the way)

Me: Hey, I recently read this AWESOME book and I think you would really like it!
Non-reader: Hmm, sorry I don’t read that much, I don’t have time.

Me: GUYS, I just finished this great book and you all need to read it, it has such a powerful story!
Non-readers: *looks at title & averts my gaze* Uhm, doesn’t sound interesting…
Me: The book I finished last night was-
Non-reader: Let me guess, amazing? *their voice dripping with sarcasm*

Me: Guys, this bo-
Non-reader: *high squealing sound imitating me* guys GUYS, this book was just like so great!!!! 

And last but not least!

Me: This book was really great! It’s called ____ and I think you’ll really like it!
Non-reader: Uhm that book sounds kind of lame……

Yep, you can probably see the struggle I go through. Ok these may have been a little exaggerated but it certainly feels that way sometimes! But there are moments that make it all worthwhile and those are the best feelings:

Non-reader: Hey, I finished reading that book you recommended to me and I really liked it!
self-five (1) 033
So tell me, how do you recommend books to non-readers? Do you even attempt to? Should I give up hope? Also, isn’t it the best feeling ever when someone tells you they read a book because of you? Let me know!

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