December 24, 2013

Daisy and the Pirates by J.T. Allen: Book Review

Genre: Middle Grade
Release Date: October 11th, 2013
Series: Stand-alone
Source: Received an ecopy from the author, thanks!
Eleven-year-old Daisy Tannenbaum, tomboy extraordinaire, doesn’t want to go back to school. So, when she ends up on an isolated island in the Indian Ocean after her family is accidentally kidnapped by Malay pirates, she’s totally psyched. For her, this is paradise. Her family, however, is utterly unprepared to cope with the primitive conditions on the island. Her parents are divorced and barely on speaking terms, her sister wants to crush Daisy’s skull with a rock, and a grad student Daisy’s dad may or may not have had a thing with ends up washed ashore with them. Nothing ruins paradise like having your stupid family around. All of this is true by the way, or so Daisy claims. And if it isn’t, Daisy’s sardonic, pre-teen narration makes it completely plausible: finding buried gold, fighting off sharks, pirates, and gnat attacks, and rescuing her family despite herself. Nobody can stop Daisy Tannenbaum.

My Thoughts: Daisy and the Pirates is about an eleven year old girl, named Daisy, who has a wonderful adventure. In short, Daisy and her family get stranded on an island with a fear that local pirates will come back for them and endanger their survival.

The plot of this book was really interesting. I liked how the plot went and overall, the order of events was original and well thought out. The plot twists were a smidge predictable but compared to some other books I read this year, it wasn’t that predictable. I also liked seeing the family dynamic in this book and I actually liked that there was the presence of a family in this book. The setting and world building was also very realistic. I easily imagined the jungle that Daisy was in and everything that was happening.

Although I enjoyed the plot, setting and family dynamic of Daisy and the Pirates, I have minor concerns. Although this book is fairly short (about 150 pages), it seemed to drag on for so long! It took me so long to get through it and it was challenging to understand. I also didn’t like Daisy too much. I understand that she’s eleven and still growing up and learning about the world, she annoyed me endlessly. Also, some slang Daisy used made no sense to me, it seemed too fake and I wasn’t really enjoying it!

My issues with this book are personal (I think) and that children 8-12 will enjoy this book. Daisy and the Pirates is a middle grade read and I can understand that there are some things I didn’t enjoy but they would appeal to a younger audience. Overall, I recommend Daisy and the Pirates to 8-12 year olds looking for a fun and short read!
three starsHave you read Daisy and the Pirates? If not, is there anyone you can think of who would enjoy it? Let me know!

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