November 26, 2013

Shelly Rambles: My Blogging Style

shelly rambles I haven’t ranted in a while but I decided that I might as well. If you’ve noticed, I’m back to blogging more often! I finally have enough time because I’ve given up on NaNoWriMo (I have not abandoned my novel, just the 50k words) and I’m super pleased with my decision. Anyway, this is not what this rant is about.

This Rant: How do you blog?

I’ve noticed that people blog so many different ways and honestly it brought up some thoughts I’ve been having for a while. I’ve categorized the post into different categories so feel free to read my thoughts and write your own in the comments.

Posts. Unlike a lot of bloggers I follow, I can only read 1-3 books a week which means I can only post 1-3 reviews per week but I like to update my blog daily. This is clearly a problem and I am now in a continuous loop of posts to write. Some days, I get ahead on my reading and then end up with about 4 posts lined up so then I slack off and end up in the same position I am constantly in, trying to write a blog post when I have nothing else. I know it’s a bad system and I know that I don’t need to blog everyday so I’ve been trying to be more lenient about it but there’s just something about posting something everyday that makes me feel proud.


Commenting. I’ve already written a whole rant/discussion post on commenting but I think it needs to be brought up again. What I’ve noticed is that I preach that I will read all blog comments (which I do) and try to respond to every single one and honestly, it’s not going to well. I end up visiting the blogs of everyone who comments and skimming through it but if I don’t find something I want to read (whether I’m too lazy or just don’t feel like it at the moment), I will forget about commenting back. Which makes me feel guilty. I’m trying really hard to improve it so don’t worry, I will try my best to be open about blog visiting.


Theme. To me, a blog theme is really important. I want my blog to look nice and be appealing but it’s really hard to do that when you have minimal HTML experience and absolute no skill in using photoshop (if I had it, I would look up literally every single tutorial to make my blog awesome but I don’t). So far, I’ve been using pixlr and it’s great for basic themes (like this one) but I want to make my blog more me. I want it to be original and honestly, my theme is bland and boring (don’t worry you can agree with me on this one, I won’t get offended).


Social Media. The internal battle continues. I love the connected-ness (it’s a word, too bad) that social media brings. I can talk to my fellow bloggers and rant about anything and people have to put up with me but besides that, I’m a little iffy. I don’t want too much of my personal information going out on the internet but I guess I kind of screwed that up when I decided to blog in the first place. It’s an endless cycle of being happy about talking to people and then being iffy about what to write. I’ve always been a little paranoid when it comes to the internet (even though people say my generation was practically born with technology) but I can’t help it.

How do you feel about all these elements? Do you have similar problems or do you just blog as you go along? Do themes matter to you? How do you feel about social media? I want to read your thoughts!


  1. I read one book a week so it's really hard for me to get reviews out there too! I also find I'm less and less enthusiastic about writing reviews so that definitely contributes to the lack of posts. I'm still trying to get back in my blogging mojo which is a struggle for sure because things have been quiet for so long.

    Commenting back is also an issue for me. I'm really not good at thinking of thoughtful replies to blog posts anyway and while I do ultimately want to comment back, it's just added effort that sometimes feels pointless - especially if there's no post I want to comment on! I don't want to be one of the people who comment just to leave a comment. I want to comment because I truly have something interesting to say that I would like to share with the blogger, even if the intention was to return the courtesy of their comment.

    Themes matter to me a lot too! I'm a bit frustrated at my lack of coding skills and I really wish I were able to tweak my theme more than I have now. Some people have such gorgeous blogger themes and I just stand there in awe. How do they do it and will they share their secrets with me??? I'm learning Photoshop at school but it's sure not going to do me any good because I don't have Photoshop on my laptop at home. It's really cool though and I hope you get the chance to use it one day! :) Pixlr is a good alternative but definitely not as extensive as Photoshop is, in terms of what it can do.

    And while you said it's all right for me to agree with you, am I allowed to disagree? I think your blog theme is so cute and not at all bland! :)

  2. I think your blog theme is cute, that has to be said :D My post can vary, but most of the times I post about every two days. It works great for me that way and I think you are doing a great job with posting Shelly! I also had the same thing about getting personal, but yeah.. You all feel like friends, so it's hard to hold back huh ;) As long as I'm able to keep some things for myself, I don't mind that much..

  3. I suck at blog commenting, Sure, I go to a lot of blogs but my comments are pretty sucky. I have like no idea what to say everytime! I just fail epically hehe.

    Great post! <33

  4. I'm not a fast reader either, so I don't post all that often >< But my posts do consist of sharings like these as well :) But my commenting skills are stuck in a rut! But I think your blog theme is really sweet, no need to feel bad about that! ;) And the part about sharing too much information? Sometimes I get worried about that, but then like Mel said, you start to get really close to your bloggy friends! xD But I just try to keep more private information... private. Like my surname! Emily is really my name, but the other parts of it, not really, it's more like an alias! :P
    Great post, and thanks for sharing, Shelly!! <3

  5. I review two books a week and that's it. So don't stress because we all do the best we can. Of course, I have a co-blogger so we do have posts for every day except Sunday, but even if we didn't we wouldn't stress about it. So keep this in mind. It is totally OKAY to not have a post. Trust me when I say no one will notice. LOL. The stress we put on ourselves when it comes to blogging is mostly self-induced and I totally hear you. It can be hard to manage it. As far as commenting goes, I have found that it's just impossible to keep up with that and so I have quit trying. I just do the best that I can, which is not always great, but it's not worth freaking out over. As long as you are trying, that's all that matters!

  6. I read when I read. Like right now I should be reading... in fact I should've been reading all night but instead I am catching up on blogging and stopping by all the blogs I follow. I am a little behind on that. I had a lot of company over the holiday so I am behind on all that. I don't read more then 1 book a week maybe. I have TV shows.. movies and what not to do so reading just has to be added in.

    PS I like the look of your blog. I am always trying to find a new look for mine but never have.


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