November 9, 2013

Seeking Guest Posts!

Hey guys. If you look at my blog (or if you have been here for a while) then you probably notice that I update my blog every day, it’s just something I do. But this week, I haven’t done so. This is because I’m swamped with school work but I don’t want to take a hiatus because I want to be able to comment and regularly check my social media and email and so forth.

So this post is fairly simple. I need a couple of guest posts for next week while I recover from my hectic schedule and take time to read some more books. You can write any type of posts, a review, a discussion, heck, you can even write a rant! As long as it is (slightly) book related, I’m open to suggestions. It would mean a lot to me if you could help me out! I will definitely owe you one (I take my promises very seriously) so if you’re interested, email me at shellyzev(at)yahoo(dot)ca. I check my email fairly regularly so I will definitely see it. Just leave me a message saying you’d like to help out and tell me what the post is about and we can talk about it! I totally understand if you’re too lazy or too busy or you just don’t want to do it for whatever reason so don’t feel pressured (not that I think I’m pressuring you to help out). Thanks!



  1. I can't do anything since I am crazy busy myself and I am finally taking a break from blogging soon, but I will spread the word in my midnight madness newsletter for tomorrow! <33

  2. I'm sorry Shelly! I would've loved to help you out! But I'm super busy with my move to, and real life is catching up, so I'm sorry that I can't lend a hand >< I will try to help you spread the word though! :)

  3. Nice job on posting everyday, but no need to worry about keeping it up all the time =) A lot of people with book blogs are talking about how crazy school is and that they don't have the time for blogging that they would like. I have tons of homework now and my teachers are already telling me to work on final projects. Best of luck in your school work and I hope you find someone to help out!


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