November 3, 2013

Neighbouring Opinions: Hello November!

Neighbouring Opinions is a vlog that features me and my neighbour, Kari! 

The title is pretty self-explainatory. In this video, me and Kari discuss the books we plan to read in November and the videos we plan to make. Enjoy!

What's on your November TBR? Let us know and tell us which books we should read first! 

1 comment:

  1. LOVING these vlogs!! Haha, it seems like you guys have so much fun together talking about books! I admit I am jealous because I don't have a regular friend in my life at the moment who is as obsessed with books as I am to chat with. I still really need to read Everybody Sees the Ants and Ender's Game, too. I was hoping to get Ender's Game read in time for the movie, but ended up not being ready in time, oh well! I am really curious to hear what you guys think about Shatter Me because I know a majority of people absolutely loved it, with only a few naysayers.


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