November 16, 2013

Champion by Marie Lu: Book Review

Champion (Legend, #3)Genre: YA Dystopia
Release Date: November 5th 2013
Series: Legend Trilogy #3
Rating: 5/5 stars
Source: Bought
*Note: Following synopsis contains spoilers for the Legend series. Skip ahead to my review to avoid spoilers if you have not read the rest of the series.
He is a Legend.
She is a Prodigy.
Who will be Champion?

June and Day have sacrificed so much for the people of the Republic—and each other—and now their country is on the brink of a new existence. June is back in the good graces of the Republic, working within the government’s elite circles as Princeps Elect while Day has been assigned a high level military position. But neither could have predicted the circumstances that will reunite them once again. Just when a peace treaty is imminent, a plague outbreak causes panic in the Colonies, and war threatens the Republic’s border cities. This new strain of plague is deadlier than ever, and June is the only one who knows the key to her country’s defense. But saving the lives of thousands will mean asking the one she loves to give up everything he has. With heart-pounding action and suspense, Marie Lu’s bestselling trilogy draws to a stunning conclusion. (via goodreads)
My Thoughts: I’m having a little difficulty writing this review because of all the amazement and awesomeness so I will try to break it up into sections but overall, Marie Lu has written an epic and awesome ending to a great series.

The plot. I am really bad at remembering basic plots but this book did a lovely job of reminding me what happened in previous books. We also get to read more about how Day became who he is and we get to learn more about the government itself. I also loved that readers get to actually learn more about countries outside of The Republic and The Colonies. The plot twists were somewhat predictable but overall, I was gasping and sometimes even swearing at certain events.


The characters. I never really liked June but in this book, her actions were somewhat justified and I didn’t feel immediate hate towards her. Heck, I might have even started liking her. Except one part that pissed me off but she quickly fixed it and it was justified so it makes sense but overall, she’s awesome. And Day. Let’s just take a moment to honour him. He is, by far, one of my favourite male YA protagonists to date. I loved seeing him change to be who he was in this book and all his struggles were just heartbreaking and so so interesting to read about. I honestly just love the characters in this book so much and we also get a glimpse of some semi-forgotten characters in past books. Let’s just say, if you love character driven novels you will not be disappointed.


The romance. This book did not disappoint at all. I can’t even describe the romance in this book accurately (except disclaimer I thought there would be a love triangle but it was quickly avoided) so I’ll just let this gif summarize my feelings:tumblr_m5p38jxuVj1rn95k2o1_250

Overall, if you haven’t read this series yet, you should definitely give it a chance, it’s a great dystopian series and all three books are out so you won’t have to wait anxiously (like I did) to read the sequels. If you’ve read the read the first two books of the series, read this one IMMEDIATELY. I don’t care if you’re waiting for the hype to go down but the hype for this one is well warranted.

Have you read Champion? What did you think? If you haven’t read it yet, are you planning to sometime in the future? Let me know!


  1. I've heard so many things about this one, and I've not read the series yet!! Shocking, shocking! >< I'm so glad you enjoyed this last installment, though June was never your favourite character, it's good to see that her actions were sort of justified! :)
    I've heard from my spazzy friend that the ending was so sad (she ended up crying in her room and refused to go out with me). HA!
    Fantastic review, Shelly! And I love the GIFS! xD (especially the Sokka and Aang one!)

  2. I kind of skipped ahead here because I haven't read any of the Legend series yet but everywhere I go I see amazing reviews of it so I'm now convinced I have to read this series!!


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