October 3, 2013

Some Minor Blogging Changes

I think this is around my 5th month (I can’t believe it!) blogging and I’ve decided that there needs to be some changes to my blogging!

1) Memes are getting annoying. Lately, Top Ten Tuesday is getting old. Everyone is doing it, everyone. It is time for some new memes around here! You may/may not have noticed but I have started doing my own memes that include:
 - Abandoned Archive
This is basically a meme in which I go back and explain why I abandoned or DNFed a certain book.
- Short-story Saturday
Exactly what it sounds like. I usually read a novella from a series I’m reading or have read before

2) No more Bloglovin’! I started using Pocket (getpocket.com) and bloglovin’ to keep track of my posts but I remember Asti (shout-out!) mentioning Feedly once so I decided to check it out in order to see why she uses it. Guys, it is so perfect. It is the awesomeness of bloglovin’ and the convenience of Pocket in one. Needless to say, I logged out of my Bloglovin’ account (No need to delete that account) and deleted my getpocket account and quickly moved to bloglovin’. I am very pleased with Feedly, get it now! And if my one Feedly reader is reading this (sounds awkward, I know) thanks for being awesome!

3) Less frequent Blog Tours. Back when I first starting blogging, I started doing blog tours. I have nothing against them, they’re amazing but I have so many lately (I think around 3 this month!) that I’ve decided to only sign-up for tours that sound really interesting or for books that I’ve been meaning to read. Again, I have nothing against blog tours, I just signed up for WAY too many and it’s given me a sour taste in my mouth (best way to describe it).

4) More Meaningful Comments. Meg totally brought this to my attention. She writes such long and meaningful comments, it’s hard not to follow suit! I totally need to work on my commenting skills, they are very crappy right now (my writing skills could probably use a tweaking or two as well) but seriously, my comments need to be better written! I’m paranoid that my comments sound too self-involved!

I think that’s about it! Not too many changes but I felt that I needed to share this!

What do you think of the minor changes in my blogging? Have you done any similar changes? Do you prefer Bloglovin’ or Feedly? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I approve of all these changes! You're going in the right direction, Shelly, and I'm proud to be one of your influences. ;) But seriously, I'm so happy that you think my comments are meaningful. It's extremely encouraging, though I do wonder if sometimes I talk too much about myself and my opinions than is necessary...

    The main reason why I started to participate in TTT was because I'd only just started my blog a month ago, and I wanted to generate more traffic and meet more new bloggers. Plus, even though it may seem like a "cliche" meme (I used to feel the same way, too), I like to think that it can be very personal as well, because I get to see different viewpoints and such. I love the sound of Abandoned Archives, though! Very creepy.

    Asti does share some pretty good programs to use, doesn't she? I wanted to give Feedly a go as well, but I needed a Gmail account to do so, and I REALLY don't want to create a new email just to use one program. So I'm sticking with Bloglovin' for now. Hopefully this new reader will help you organize your blogs and posts better. :D

    Oh, I can totally relate to this one as well. I used to love blog tours with a passion, and while I don't dislike them right now, I'm a huge supporter of personal posts instead of promo ones all the time. Blog tours are also the number one reason why I don't follow certain blogs, so it's good to see that you're heading in this direction. Everyone's looking for original content these days!

    I look forward to your comments, though really, I love how they are right now. Short, sweet, and meaningful. <3

  2. Changes are good! Let's see...

    1) I love that you're spicing things up a bit! I've actually decided that in the future I may go back to doing TTT's. Yes, everyone is doing them so that's sort of a put off, but it's nice to sort of feel like you're part of something. I've eliminated all of my popular memes and I don't know, it feels weird. I want to be part of something with everyone else as well. Does that make any sense? But obviously that doesn't mean anyone else should have to do it! I look forward to seeing your new lil changes :)

    2) Feedly for the win! I get why people love Bloglovin, and Feedly definitely is a bit overwhelming at first, but I love it now that I've been using it for a while. I wouldn't be able to do by Bookish Recap without it! (And I sort of like the fact that it isn't so much a number game as it is with Bloglovin where you can see exactly who is following you and whatnot. Causes problems!)

    3) I get what you mean about blog tours. I mean, I've never done one so I can't relate exactly, but I'm starting to feel that way with my Bookish Find feature. I've done it every week since I started my blog in March and it's sort of like... I'm tired of it.

    4) And yes, Meg is AWESOME at meaningful comments. I like to think I'm one of her inspirations for that, because all summer I was a commenting machine! Not so much now that uni started, but I'm still going to try and at least visit those who visit me once a week. I'll tryyyy! But yes, meaningful comments where you can tell the person read your post always makes you feel SO good. :)

    Go forth! Change away! I have small changes coming up in my blog as well. It's good!

  3. I agree about the memes - I'm doing less and less of them now. I still love Super Six Sunday though :)

    Btw the blog tour thing is a good call! When I first started blogging I was doing so many and got so bogged down and felt pressured and just blah. It wasn't enjoyable. Now I rarely do tours and if I do it's only for books I LOVE. Mostly I just want to focus on my reviews - which is why I got into blogging in the first place!

    - Allie @ Little Birdie Books

  4. Oh gosh yes, Megan has the best comments unfortunately I suck at commenting (example happening right now) so I don't want to torment people too long, hehe.

    I approve of these changes! <33

  5. 1. I love your memes! Especially Short Story Saturdays, novellas get no love and they're such perfect additions to stories, they deserve to be discussed!

    2. I only just started using GFC, previously I just followed bloggers on twitter, but now I follow so many of them, people are starting to get lost in the shuffle. I'll have to check out Feedly, I wonder if it has an iphone app. That would be super convenient.

    3. I have zero experience with blog tours, but am familiar with overcommiting, so I can see how they'd be a drag. I think it's better to hold out for stuff that's really interesting and/or exciting to you because your posts will reflect your enthusiasm and that's better for everyone all around.

    4. I totally know what you mean on the commenting, I am terrible at commenting (both doing so regularly and saying meaningful stuff.) but also trying to improve. So far, it has had unexpected benefits. Example, we met in the comments!

    Excellent improvements all around, I'd say!

  6. 1) I still love TTT by and large, but definitely don't do it if you don't enjoy it anymore. It's you blog and you should do what you enjoy! Just because the community as a whole does something, that's no reason to force yourself into it.

    2) When Google Reader closed, I looked at Bloglovin' and Feedly. Went with Feedly because the interface is just SO. MUCH. BETTER.

    3) When I was a little blogger, I wanted to be on blog tours so badly. Then I got onto them and wanted back out. TLC Book Tours is pretty much the only one I enjoy at this point. Well, no, actually, Xpresso Book Tours and Macmillan are nice to work with as well. However, blog tours are so high stress that I try to keep them to a minimum. I really hate being told what to put in my posts.

    4) My commenting goal is to leave thoughtful comments. This is why I don't make commenting back a RULE. If I get a thoughtful comment, then I'll go check out the blog, but if I have nothing to say because it's all promo or reviews for books I've not read, then I leave. I'd rather not leave something short and paltry, just to leave an obligation comment. It's a hobby and I don't think I should ever be obligated.

    Sounds like you're making wonderful changes and figuring out what works best for you. This is a perpetual process!

  7. I personally love doing TTTs, but you need to do something you enjoy, of course. Your feautures sound interesting :)

    About commenting skills: this is totally something I need to improve as well! My comments are usually quite short , which is weird as I usually DO have opinions on a lot of things. You're inspiring me to try and do better!


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