October 25, 2013

Short Story Review: Lilleth

This review is for an awesome short story written by my friend, Sydney. You can find the short story here
*A little disclaimer here: Sydney asked me to review her book but in no way does this influence my review/rating/opinion. *

I seriously loved this short story. It’s not very long which is awesome but it tells a great story. We start off in a small island. We’re given a scene of peace and calmness. Then we are introduced to the main character of the story, Lilleth. I’m not going to say what really happens next because it is so easy to give spoilers to a short story but let’s just say that you won’t see this coming, or will you?

dun dun dun
Let’s start with the plot. I really liked the plot. It was interesting, it kept me on edge and the ending was just WOAH. That cliffhanger guys, what happens next?! I am really bad at praising stuff but I will say this: I had no idea how good this short story would be. I mean I always knew Sydney was an amazing writer but this is like AWESOMENESS. I sound like a fangirl, I know but it needs to be said. Just read this short story guys, it’s not too long, it has awesome fantasy creatures and THE FEELS. There is feels, I promise it. This book was just amazing. Let’s use a gif, shall we?

Overall, I strongly that recommend that you read Lilleth, it is amazing!

Did I make you want to read Lilleth? Have you read it or are you planning to? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Ooh, this one seems interesting. Love the gifs. haha :D

    Lovely review. hun! <33


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