October 1, 2013

September Wrap-up

Another month has gone by! I seriously can not believe it. September was basically all school,blogging and reading. I’m surprised I managed to pull of at least 4 posts a week. As fun as September was, October will be more amazing. I can’t wait for my birthday, Rainbow Rowell signing and Halloween. I predict a lot of reading and presents in my future. Thanks for sticking by me for another month and I hope my rambles will only get better!

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How was your September? Did you read any amazing books or do anything interesting? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great posts this month and i especially loved your new blog announcement "Karen's take" i think Karen is going to be refreshing and ten times awesomer than you are. ;)

    1. Seriously, Karen? But yes I am totally excited for Karen's takes if Karen will ever finish reading The Raven Boys ;)

    2. you're just jealous that she's cooler than you

  2. ^ LOL. You two better have some dual reviews soon. It'll be priceless!

    I know - where did September go? Actually, where did the whole year go, because I can't believe it's OCTOBER already! So not ready for 2013 to end just yet. :( And don't worry about not being able to post as often as you like. Real life takes priority over the blogging one, though that's easier said than done. All the same, I'm looking forward to all you have planned for October!

    That post about Being A Twin intrigues me. I can't check it out now, but hopefully I'll have the chance to after school! Happy October, Shelly. :)


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