October 12, 2013

Neighbouring Opinions: The Getting to Know Us/Awkward Edition!

Neighbouring Opinions is a vlog that features me and my neighbour, Kari! 

Our first video: Getting to Know Us!
Me and Kari decided to introduce ourselves before making our first video. Warning: this video is full of rants, rambles and Shelly's hand gestures. Also, Karen was sitting behind the camera and she was talking too so if you hear an extra voice, that's her. Also, I may have gone overboard on the sassy/snarkiness. I am usually not like that. I always say Kari brings out my inner-sassy. Enjoy! *I am on the left, Kari is on the right

Media Mentioned
Under the Dome
Doctor Who 
Meet the Robinsons
Kyle XY
Under the Never Sky
Harry Potter
The Maze Runner
The Hunger Games
Green Lantern (Comics)
Iron Fist (Comics)
Mumford & Sons (Music Group)
Florence and the Machine (Artist)
Imagine Dragons (Music Group)
Did you enjoy our first video awkwardness? Don't worry, me and Kari have learned from our mistakes and will make it less awkward next time! Do you see what I mean when I always say that I use hand gestures? Thanks for watching!


  1. Hahah! I love your vlog, girlies! Harry Potter is the best. I don't think I'd ever bother doing a vlog because I'd have to sit down and edit all day and I just don't have the time :|

    Fab post! <33

  2. Your obsession with Doctor Who is beginning to get to me, Shelly! I really do have to watch that series soon, because I know I'm missing out on a LOT. And I'm pretty sure I've already said this, but I love that mini TARDIS you have - it's adorable. AND IT LIGHTS UP. That always makes things better. ;) And it's lovely to meet you, Kari - I hope to see both you and Shelly more frequently on the blog. :D

    Lol, first vlogs are always awkward, though I guess I wouldn't know, since I haven't made one! Don't worry, though, you two did fine and seemed totally at ease; I'd probably freeze up and do all these stiff-faced expressions while trying to appear natural. Bleh! Great vlog!

  3. haha, all first vlog are awkward! It's just strange to be talking to a camera. Though I have to say, your first vlog was significantly less awkward than mine!! It's funny because it took me a while to become sassy in my videos (I am not sassy in real life either), but you got your sass on right away! Hee, you girls are so fun together! Can't wait to see more from you. Love the comment "why are we even friends?" - Hogwarts is the OBVIOUS answer!!


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