October 2, 2013

[Book Tour] Fractured by Majanka Verstraete: Author Interview

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Today, I am participating in a book tour for Fractured by Majanka Verstraete hosted at Fiction Addiction Book Tours. Keep reading for an interview with the author and for a chance to win an e-copy of Fractured!

Release Date: September 19th, 2013 by Inkspell Publishing

When Piper discovers an old antique mirror on the attic of her new home, she has no idea what terror she unlocked.

Eerie shadows lurking in the night and estranged voices crying out for help are only the beginning. As Piper’s world comes crumbling down, she realizes everything that she believed was imaginary, might have been real all along.

Something is very wrong with that mirror. And if she doesn’t find out what, the mirror might end up killing her.

With some help of old and new friends, Piper tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. One thing is for certain: the mirror preys on the guilty.  But what exactly is she guilty of?
Interview with the Author:

How did you come up with the idea of your book?

 I saw an image of a mirror online. The mirror looked very scary, and an image of a phantom-like figure was reflected in the mirror. That inspired me to write a book based upon a mirror. I’ve always thought mirrors were scary. In Victorian times, people covered mirrors when someone passed away because they feared the soul of the deceased may get trapped inside the mirror. I did some research and found tons of ghost stories involving mirrors, and then I realized I had to write my own. I wanted to combine paranormal elements with psychological elements and have the reader guessing what’s going on.

Are any of your characters based on people you know in real life? 

Some of the characters have certain quality of people I know in real life, yes. Piper, the main character, actually reminds me a lot of my best friend. Alison actually reminds me more of myself.

Is there anything you want readers to take away from your book?

That evil is everywhere, and in everyone. That everyone is capable of evil, and that sometimes it’s a lot more difficult to figure out who is responsible for something than you’d think at first glance. I also want people to realize that humanity is a far more greater evil than anything paranormal we can ever come up with.

 What can readers expect in the next Mirrorland book? 

The second book is less scary – at least I think it is – and it focuses more on the actions of the choices the characters made in the first book. It’s more of a paranormal mystery, with less horror elements, but instead with a stronger focus on romance. The stakes are higher, and the balance is shifting.

 Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? 

Write every day. Practice makes perfect. Don’t listen to people who tell you writing isn’t hard work, or that anyone can write a book. You have to practice, every single day.

Thanks so much to Majanka Verstraete! Keep scrolling to learn more about her!

About the Author:

Majanka Verstraete is a twenty-two-year old Belgian law school student. Writing is her passion, and has been ever since she learned how to read.

She writes about all things supernatural for children of all ages. She’s tried to write contemporary novels before, but something paranormal always manages to crawl in.

Her debut picture book, Valentina and the Haunted Mansion, released on May 20th, 2013. She has four books coming up in September 2013. The first is another picture book in the Valentina’s Spooky Adventures series, titled Valentina and the Whackadoodle Witch. Then there’s the first two books of her debut chapter book series titled Weirdville,House of Horrors. Her debut young adult novel, Fractured, the first book in the Mirrorland series, will release in September as well.

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  1. Thank you for hosting Majanka on tour today Shelly.


  2. That is one deliciously creepy cover, and I love how one simple thing, such as a mirror, was enough to inspire the author to write a book. "In Victorian times, people covered mirrors when someone passed away because they feared the soul of the deceased may get trapped inside the mirror." - Whoa, I never knew that, but that sounds so freaky, and if FRACTURED is based on something like that, I'm more intrigued to read it!

    "That evil is everywhere, and in everyone." - It's funny how we humans like to think that as long as we don't steal, don't murder, don't do all those bad stuff, we're perfectly all right. I recently read a poem for my English lit and it talked about how everyone has a rotten core. I guess we can never know someone fully unless they show their deepest and darkest parts to us.

    Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of this book before, but I have to say that I'm very interested. Great interview, you two. :)


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