October 9, 2013

[Blog Tour] Wicked Misery by Tracey Martin: Book Review

I'm so excited to be kicking off the offical Wicked Misery Blog Tour! This awesome tour is hosted by Book Nerd Tours.
It's all quasi-legal fun until somebody gets framed for murder.

Jessica Moore thrives on misery. Literally. Thanks to a goblin's curse, she gets a magical high from humanity's suffering. A shameful talent like that could bury a girl in guilt, so to atone, she uses her dark power to hunt murderers, rapists and other scumbags until one of them frames her for his crimes.

In desperation, Jessica seeks refuge with the one person she trusts to not turn her in a satyr named Lucen. Like every member of his race, Lucen uses his lusty magic to control Boston's human population, and Jessica isn't immune to his power. But the murder victims belonged to a rival race, and when they discover Lucen is harboring Jessica, dodging the cops becomes the least of her problems.

With only five days to find the real killer, Jessica faces a danger far more serious than the brewing magical war. The danger of succumbing to Lucen's molten seduction.

Warning: Contains a heroine with a lust for misery, creepy murders, and creepier goblins, satyrs so hot you d sell your soul for one, and scaly sewer rats masquerading as dragons. Who said magic was all sparkles and tiaras?

About the Author 

Tracey   Martin
Earning a doctorate in psychology convinced Tracey Martin that imaginary people were way more fun than real ones. Plus, they make better minions. From this revelation an obsession was born, and she’s been writing stories of kick-ass girls and women (and the guys who deserve them) ever since.

She loves fantasy and SF, likes her music epic, and prefers her movies to contain explosions. A city girl at heart, she doesn’t understand how she and her husband ended up living in New Hampshire, but she’s vowed to escape one day. Until then, writing keeps her off the mean, small town streets.

My Thoughts

This book is packed full of both magic (not the good kind!) and suspense. I think the cover and the title of the book fit this book perfectly! They totally sum up the book.

This book was really interesting but some parts were a little graphic (I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who'd feel that way though). In the world that Tracey Martin created, magic exists and it's not the sort of magic we read in other fantasy books. To best describe the magical elements in this book I'd use the word unique. To understand the fantasy elements you should keep in mind that the magical creatures are sorted into 3 groups: satyrs (who have the powers of seduction), furies (who control anger and emotions) and harpies (who can control a person's willpower). To keep these people in check (or maybe attempt to) we have the Gryphon, a human police force with their own powers. These elements are really easy to get a grasp of and add a creative edge to the magical elements of the book/

As far as main characters go, I was generally pleased. I didn't hate Jessica (and I usually hate female heroines) and it was interesting to see this world through her eyes. I also liked how she actually realized when she was being influenced by magical forces, she didn't give up her will easily. The love interest, Lucen, was also really interesting and unique, given his powers, but I found him a little unrealistic (which I think is understandable given that he's a satyr).

Overall, for readers looking for a new twist on classical magical creatures, check out Tracey Martin's Wicked Misery. It is a very interesting and unique read!


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  1. I have never seen this but magic and suspense are amazing together if done right. Thanks for putting under my radar!

    Fantastic review, Shelly! <33

  2. Ooh, I love the sound of this book! Not a fan of how a heroine who supposedly thrives on human misery and is seen smiling on the cover, though. But still. I love how different the protagonist seems - more like an anti-hero than anything else. It would definitely be cool to read from Jessica's perspective.

    I don't mind graphic scenes - only the gory and bloody ones, though, not the sex ones - but I can see why it might've gotten a bit much. And wow, different magic from the usual fantasy novels? I'm very, very intrigued. I don't think I've come across magic that's really "different," because, well, magic is magic. And lol, I would've never expected satyrs to have the power of seduction. *cough*GROVER, haha!*cough*

    And - you usually dislike female heroines? How have you survived this long in the YA world?! Seriously, though, you must be Wonder Woman or something, because male voices have been a dying breed since... I don't know when, and it's such a shame. So Jessica must have had a really strong personality for you to come to like her!

    Anyway, thanks for introducing this book to me. I'm not sure if I'll read it - considering the amount of books I have to read right now - but I can't deny that it sounds GOOD, and I'm so glad to see indies stepping up in their game. Lovely review, Shelly!

  3. Sounds like an interesting book! Great review. <3 glad you enjoyed it :) Thank you for sharing about it :D
    Thank you for commenting on my blog last week. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  4. This sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing the book and looking forward to reading it. I wish you great success. sue


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