October 15, 2013

[Blog Tour] Garden of Eden by Kate Cowan: Author Interview

Today, I am participating in a blog tour for Garden of Eden by Kate Cowan. This tour is hosted by Itching For Books Tours.
About The Book

Garden of Eden
It has been four years.
Four years since the day the Catchers found her family.
Four years since she escaped capture.
And four years since the day her mother locked her and Will, a boy she hardly knew, in an attic, 'for their own protection'.
Now, Eden White is fifteen, and sick of being a prisoner of parents who all but abandoned her. It was as simple as one walk down a beautiful, foggy beach, but it ended with Eden and Will face to face with Catchers - and this time, there is no escape.
When Eden wakes, she finds herself on an island, surrounded by hundreds of stolen children. Enrolled in the island school, Jordan Hall, Eden quickly learns that the island is not what it seems.
And, in the woods surrounding the school, she discovers a wild, beautiful magic inside of herself - one she has no idea how to control. With three unlikely new friends, Eden begins to realize that the headmistress is hiding much more than the stolen children - and what they learn in the laboratories below the school could cost Eden her life.

About The Author
Kate is an artist, an animation student, a black belt in karate and now, an author. She didn't discover writing until mid-high school, when she began writing an (unintentionally) hilarious novel involving a teenage girl and a magic necklace. Her current novel series, The Legend of Eden, began as a story of Arthurian magic, but quickly transformed into something much different.

Kate currently lives in Ontario, Canada, in a zoo of a house. When she isn't writing, she's drawing, cooking, or browsing the Internet for new music.
Interview with the Author
Why should readers pick up your book?
Readers should pick up Garden of Eden because it's something they've never seen before. It mixes paranormal with so many other genres - sci-fi, gothic, dystopia, mystery, fantasy.

How did you come up with the idea for Garden of Eden?
I was working this awful job. It was so boring - literally, open a box, put some pastries on a sheet, stick it in the oven, repeat - and it gave so much time to think. So I did - and oddly enough, the first character I ever named and created was Eden's sister, Gemma. She was my original main character. Very quickly, when I thought of the name Eden, her character just kind of walked into my head. Black hair, blue eyes. I had this vision of a girl holding a ball of silvery-blue magic to match her eyes, and everything just worked itself out from there. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing until book 4, at least. Words just came, and I just wrote them. No planning, not a heck of a lot of thinking. It was great.

Are any of your characters based on people you know in real life?
Nope, but I wish! Will is so sweet and loyal... not to mention hot (his looks are losely based on Will turned, from Pirates). And Adriane, one of Eden's best friends, is awesome. She's be a great sparring partner. I'm a black belt in karate, so I geek out over things like cool new sparring partners :P

What can readers expect in the next installment of the Legend of Eden series?
Eden's life hangs by a thread. A character is murdered by a main character. Eden and her friends have to figure out the impossible, or someone is going to die.
Thats a lot of life-threatening-ness. Well then.

Was the writing experience difficult for you and do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
At first, it wasn't difficult. I'm really secretive about my writing though, which was the hard part - hiding my computer from whoever walked around the corner was a pain, lol! Recently, it's been harder. Do I write the last Legend of Eden book, do I start this new series? What happens when LoE is over? I've been working on it for 5 years - Eden won't just vanish from my life like that. I don't know what'll happen, and it kind of freaks me out that it's going to end one day soon.
Advice: Write for the love of it. Never, ever force a book. It only turns out bland and lifeless. And always, always, always GET AN EDITOR.

*and now for two random questions!
Do you have a favourite author? 
I have too many! I love Gemma Malley, David Clement-Davies, Alison Croggon, Susan Ee, J.K. Rowling, Julie Kagawa, and Mary Lu.

Do you have any writing mentors?
Nope! Sadly, I do not. What a crappy answer to the last question!

Thanks a lot to Kate for answering all my questions! I had a lot of fun reading all her answers!


Thanks again to Itching For Books Tour for letting me be a part of this tour! How did you like Kate's responses to my questions? If I ever decide to write, I am totally getting an editor! 

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