September 15, 2013

Weekly Recap: September 8th-15th

I’ve decided to do a weekly recap instead of a ‘Showcase Sunday’. I don’t really have a lot of books to showcase most of the time & I can always post both on the same day. This was my second week of school. Next week, my ancient civilizations class is doing a mock archaeological dig (it may or may not involve shovels and the school’s volleyball court) and I’m super excited!I had a lot of homework and a couple of assignments so I’m not even sure how I managed to update my blog regularly. This week, I went to a book signing for The Bone Season (a recap post will be up tomorrow!) and I reduced my Goodreads to-read list to only 256 books! I’m very proud of myself.
Book Reviews
The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider (3.5/5 stars)
Every Day by David Levithan (4/5 stars)
Rush by Eve Silver (3/5 stars)

Memes & Rambles
Waiting on Wednesday #11
Abandoned Archive: The Pledge
Short-story Saturday: Roar and Liv
Blog Announcements
Neighbouring Opinions – I’m starting a vlog with my neighbour Kari! We posted our first video on Under the Never Sky

Some News/Discussions from the Blogosphere
I tried to find a lot of interesting posts and stuff but these are the only posts I remembered to put on here. Enjoy!
Asti’s blog got hijacked! – it wasn’t really hijacked but click to learn more about it.
Kelly judged Of Triton by its signature – this meme is really fascinating, I haven’t read Of Poseidon but based on the signed bookmark I have, I’m considering it!
Kelley ranted about Clockwork Princess – I completely agree with this review. Kelley seems to be the only person who also disagreed with how the love triangle played out. Seriously, read this review.
Taschima discusses Book Etiquette – this post summarizes all my feelings
Meg creates another blogger panel – this week discussed best advice for newbie bloggers (all newbie bloggers check it out!)

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