September 16, 2013

The Bone Season Book Signing: Recap Post

Samantha Shannon answer-
ing my questions!
Last Friday (Friday the 13th!), Samantha Shannon had a promotional event at my local bookstore. The event was followed by a book signing. It was totally awesome. I was expecting it to go on a little longer but I still had loads of fun.  I arrived at the bookstore around 6:20 and the signing was starting 7. I waited in line for about 5 minutes (this included looking around the book store and fangirling at a display of Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl). At 6:30, we got to take our seats in front of a raised stage that had copies of The Bone Season and a large water bottle on it. For the next half hour, I had a very interesting conversation with the woman sitting beside me. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say I finally met another person who wasn’t in love with the Divergent series.

Samantha Shannon is an interesting woman. At 21 years old, she is already a successful published British author. Samantha talked about her journey through publishing. It was a really interesting story and you can read all about it on her blog. She also gave some great advice for aspiring authors. She said that the key to any great book is “find your voice”. She also suggested to try writing several different point of views until you find that voice. I think it’s a really great piece of advice. Samantha also coined a new term but I forgot what it’s called! Now I am definitely regretting not taking notes, damn.
Me (Right) and Samantha
Shannon (left)!

The Q&A period was really interesting. The first person was what people dubbed “conspiracy guy”. My memory is faulty so I don’t remember the specifics of his questions but I do remember an awkward silence filled the room. The next question dealt with the structure of the series. Samantha said that she doesn’t really plan her books but she has an idea of what she wants to achieve in each book. She said that she leaves room to play around with her writing. The next question was about overcoming writer’s block. Samantha coined a new word but I forgot what it’s called (my memory is faulty). She said that to overcome writer’s block, just go on a walk. She says that she gets writer’s block from writing too much so she goes on a walk to clear her head. I asked the next question because I was feeling confident (self-esteem rocks!) and I asked her about how people are calling her “The Next J.K. Rowling”. Samantha made a face but she still explained the myth. It all started out as a small newspaper published that headline as a comparison between the number of books in her series (7!) and it quickly escalated until it reached a point when she was called a multimillionaire. Samantha clarified that the rumour was not started by the publishers and that she in no-way endorses it.

My lovely signed copy
of The Bone Season
Then it was time for the signing! I waited in a short line. Samantha was super nice and she took pictures with every single person who wanted one. The wait in line was pretty short and I was a little nervous because I still had one question left to ask. When it was my turn, I handed my phone to a store employee who took pictures of us. She also took some candid photos that I only found while writing this post! I approached Samantha and apologized  for asking the J.K. Rowling question because it clearly made her uncomfortable. I also asked her to describe her book in 5 words. I only remember the words: dark, clairvoyant (she was stuck so I helped her out!) and thrilling. I wish I wrote down her answers and took notes but my planning skills are not the best.

Did you read The Bone Season yet? What did you think? Would you say this was a successful event?

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