September 21, 2013

Short Story Saturday: Six Earlier Days

Short Story Saturday is a new meme on Shelly’s Rambles where I will do a mini-review for novellas and short stories.
Six Earlier DaysNovella: Six Earlier Days by David Levithan
Series: Every Day  #0.5 (Book 1)
Rating: 5/5 stars
In Every Day, New York Times bestselling author David Levithan presented readers with his most ambitious novel to date: Every morning, A wakes up in a different body and leads a different life. A must never get too attached, must never be noticed, must never interfere.

The novel Every Day starts on Day 5994 of A’s life. In this digital-only collection Six Earlier Days, Levithan gives readers a glimpse at a handful of the other 5993 stories yet to be told that inform how A navigates the complexities of a life lived anew each day.

In Every Day, readers discover if you can truly love someone who is destined to change every day. In Six Earlier Days, readers will discover a little bit more about how A became that someone.

Fans of Levithan’s books such as Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, co-written with Rachel Cohn, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson, co-written with John Green, will not want to miss A’s adventures in Every Day and Six Earlier Days.

My Thoughts: I was hovering between love and like in David Levithan’s Every Day. The book was so well written but the love interest pissed me off. In this prequel, we focus on six random days from A’s life before he met Rihannon (the annoying love interest). I seriously loved this prequel. We get to learn more about A and his origins (but we still don’t know how he came to be) and this novella was super cute! A is definitely my favourite character out of Every Day and this book only reinforced that. The minor complaint I have is that I always want to know how people are effected after A takes over their bodies for one day, especially in the last chapter of the novella! Overall, if you loved A in Every Day but you didn’t like the Rihannon nonsense (like me), then read this prequel right now! It was so interesting!

Did you read Every Day or Six Days Earlier? What did you think?


  1. I've been meaning to read this series. I havent even ever read a book by David Levithan so I'm curious what all the fuss is about. Though from what I'm seeing he's a hit or miss for some. It sounds like this prequel is really good, too, I'll make sure to read it if/when I start with this series! :)

  2. I know what you mean about EVERY DAY. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't spectacular because I just couldn't wrap my head around A's predicament, and since I'm a person who appreciates explanations, I was a bit miffed when I didn't get one. But I never knew there was a prequel! (I know there's a sequel coming out, though, which makes me super annoyed.)

    "We get to learn more about A and his origins (but we still don’t know how he came to be) and this novella was super cute!" - A little disappointed, but I think it would be fascinating to get to learn more about A's "origins." He's such an intriguing character, so I'd give anything to learn more about him.

    Glad you enjoyed this one, Shelly! I'm still not sure if I'll give the prequel a go (I don't usually read novellas, since they don't really have much to do with the main plot), but I'll definitely keep it in mind if I ever feel up to it. Great review!

  3. Aw, sorry you didn't like the love interest. That really is annoying when it happens. But glad you enjoyed the rest of the book :D Thank you for sharing. <3
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books


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