September 3, 2013

Blog Announcement: Start of School!

With tomorrow being my first day of school, I have to announce that my blogging will not be as active. (You could call in a mini-hiatus)

Despite my hiatus, I will still participate in blog tours and even though I have homework and other responsibilities, I plan to write at least one book review a week. I will continue to participate in Waiting on Wednesday and if necessary, Showcase Sunday. As much as I wish summer could go on, I am still excited to start school. I have an Ancient Civilizations class this semester and I’m so excited to start it. Thanks for all your support and I hope that I can continue to ramble about my book obsession despite my busy schedule.

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  1. Boooo school! haha. I don't start classes for another three weeks but I'll be taking a hiatus and cutting back on my posting as well. It's hard to juggle it all! I hope you enjoy your classes (the Ancient Civilizations class does sound cool) and that you stick around :)


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