September 9, 2013

Blog Announcement: Neighbouring Opinions


You are probably wondering what the hell “Neighbouring Opinions” is so I’ll just cut right to the chase. I’m starting a vlog with my neighbour, Kari! It’s called Neighbouring Opinions because we're neighbours, get it? I came up with the name, I think it’s awesome, if I say so myself. We will be ranting about books we’ve read and maybe movies we’ve watched. We also plan to have guests come on our vlog. I am super excited. We have our first meeting and filming session this weekend. We are going to be discussing Under the Never Sky. Kari really enjoyed it and I’m reading it next. I will probably be posting a review along with the vlog so you can get double the fun! Our next vlog will be for Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and Kari will be borrowing my copy for it. I think I speak for me and Kari when I say that I’m super excited!

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