August 29, 2013

Shelly Rambles: The Relationships & Friendships Between Book Bloggers

Welcome to another edition of Shelly Rambles! This is a weekly/bi-weekly feature where I rant about everything that’s bothering me in or outside the book blogging world

This week: The Relationships/Friendships Between Book Bloggers
I notice that certain book bloggers are friends and I realized “how come no on ever documented this?” and thus this week’s edition of Shelly Rambles occurred.

1) The Bookish Acquaintances
Sometimes, there are book bloggers who follow each other and comment on each other’s posts but their friendship never goes past that. I like to think that I have that with a couple of book bloggers. We comment on each other’s posts and congratulate each other on our massive book hauls but we never actually discuss book we enjoy nor do we try to become more than acquaintances. These people can be seen commenting on various blog posts and liking your instagram photos.
2) The Bookish Friends
Have you ever noticed that some book bloggers talk to each other outside of the books their reading? This happens a lot between co-bloggers but I think it’s more common between two book bloggers. I think that everyone should have at least one friend they can talk to about books they’ve read (without fear of spoilers!) These people can be seen messaging each other through email, commenting on each other’s posts-frequently and doing read-alongs together.
3) The Bookish Besties
These people are best friends inside and outside the blogging communities. I see this a lot with co-bloggers (who did not know each other prior to the internet) and even with popular book bloggers. There is really no better explanation than Bookish Besties. These people can be seen buying each other birthday presents, commenting on every single blog post, emailing night and day, making awesome inside jokes and just being awesome.

Did I cover all the categories or do you think I missed a category? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Haha this is so funny, because I actually have my feed reader divided by this... in a way. I don't have any "besties", but I have the blogs I followed based in categories based on how much we interact. My "Bookish Friends" are the ones I talk to frequently and know stuff about. My "Bookish Acquaintances" are those I talk to occasionally and know a little bit about but not much. And then I have a category you didn't like, "Bookish Strangers" which consist of those bloggers I have only recently found but barely talk to, that I wouldn't even know their name unless it's listed in their blog title. haha. It's like you're a mind reader...

  2. This is so true. I only have bookish acquaintances & friends. I tweet here and there and I talk with other bloggers, but I don't really "know" them. It would be really cool to have bookish besties though!


  3. I've only recently started commenting reciprocally with more than a few bloggers, so I'm at the acquaintance stage with almost all of my bookish contacts, but there are definitely some potential friends in there :)


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