August 7, 2013

Shelly Rambles: Love Triangles, Doctor Who and Other Bloggish Things

I have a lot of stuff I feel the need to rant about so I thought it's time for another Shelly Rambles. Basically this is a weekly/bi-weekly post where I get to express all my inner feelings. You are in no way obligated to read this.

1) Love Triangles
I am so sick and tired of love triangles. It's bad enough that readers are forced to put up with cliche guys and too perfect romances but now we have to put up with a protagonist who has to choose which guy is more perfect. These love triangles are not even original. One guy is most likely popular but sweet and very hot while the other is a little shy,nice and attractive but in a country-boy way versus a greek god way. Like seriously, IT IS GETTING SO ANNOYING. I am reading Unearthly by Cynthia Hand right now and I want to hit myself repeatedly with the book. Why are all love triangles the same? Why are all main love interests too perfect? WHY ARE LOVE TRIANGLES SO UNREALISTIC?

2) The Introduction of the 12th Doctor
Last week, the 12th doctor in the tv series Doctor Who was announced. Peter Capaldi will replace Matt Smith as the doctor mid season 8. To all Doctor Who fans, are you happy Peter Capaldi as the 12th doctor? I'm not ecstatic about this new doctor but I can't say I'm unhappy. The only thing that upsets me is all these unanswered questions I have with the introduction of the new doctor. For example, what will happen to River Song? What about Clara, will she stay? SO MANY UNASWERED QUESTIONS. I really hope that if there is a new companion, it'll be a guy. Having witnessed so many romances, I really want to see a bromance for once.

Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3)3) The Cress cover
I'm pretty sure everyone in the blogosphere has mentioned this book and it's cover at least 3 times this week. I am seriously so excited for this book, I don't understand how we're expected to wait until 2014. I have a massive case of ARC envy for people who got ARCs of Cress.

4) Blogging slump
Lately, I'm getting tired of reading all the same old books. All the books I have to read are all either parts of long series or look too long. I seriously need some nice feel-good books to cheer me up. I want to read Eleanor & Park so badly but I want to buy it. It wouldn't be the same as reading it on my e-book. Do you have any feel-good books to recommend?

5) Audiobooks
I really want to start listening to some audiobooks but I have two concerns: which books to listen to and I'm worried about the length of audioboooks. A lot of audiobooks are over 7 hours long and I don't have the patience for it. I seriously need good audiobooks to listen to. I want to listen to audiobooks while doing some exercise (I'll be more motivated if I can listen to a good book) but I'm not sure which audiobooks to get.

Do you agree or disagree with any of the comments I made? Any feel-good books or audiobook recommendations? 

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