August 26, 2013

My Summer

With school starting next week, I thought I should make a post about my summer. I spend the majority of my summer volunteering with a city-run summer camp. This summer camp was an arts-based camp and it was run for 5-7 year olds. I love children and I had such a fun time. All the counselors were nice and I quickly became friends with the counselors and the other volunteers. August 23rd was my last day and I was a little sad to say goodbye to such an amazing experience. I know what I wrote isn't a lot but I’m still a little too sad to write any more. I am going to a Mumford & Sons concert tonight and I am so excited. It will be the perfect end to an amazing summer. Tomorrow is my school registration day and I am nervous to have my student ID picture taken, it’s hard to choose what to wear! This summer, I also bought a bunch of books and I am so fortunate that I got the chance to read a lot of them. This past weekend, I bought 11 more books and I am so excited to read them but they will probably conflict with Sequel September. You probably noticed but I changed my blog theme yet again. My past template messed up and I forgot to back it up before tweaking with it. Let my new template mark the start of a new semester! :)

Even though summer is ending, I’m excited for the fall.  I am going to participate in Sequel September (even if no one else is!) and I’m so excited to catch up on neglected series! I also have a couple of blog tours coming up and I’m so excited to be a part of them (I used the word excited a lot, I know). I am also thinking of recruiting a co-blogger to Shelly’s Rambles but that would mean changing the blog name and basically everything that makes this blog semi-unique unless someone is interested in being a Guest Reviewer but I’m still hesitant about that. I’m unsure what to do but with the start of the school year, expect less frequent posts but I still plan to keep my blog running.

How was your summer? Did you do anything exciting or adventurous ?

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