June 26, 2013

The Onyx Bridge by Sofia Malamas: Book Review

The Onyx Bridge (The Sign of the Four, #1)
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Summary (via goodreads): Teens and adults alike will love this new series!
It is not a peaceful time in the Four Kingdoms. War is imminent, but all fear the coming of the human child, whose arrival, it is foretold, will aid in the resurrection of the terrible Dark Lord Coriol, a being with the power to destroy them all. Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to Evelyn Leighton. That is, until the day she turns seventeen and is transported through a Monet painting into a fantastical world where humans are thought to be extinct. To stop an ancient prophecy from coming true and save the world she has learned to call home, Evelyn must set out on a quest to find a legendary weapon: The Sign of the Four. Reluctantly, she accepts the aid of Jerris, an enigmatic, irresistibly attractive male descendant of the Water Kingdom with sapphire eyes as dark as his past. With her life on the line, Evelyn finds herself battling more than vicious trolls and mythical lion warriors. She must also battle her own heart;a battle she cannot afford to lose.
Review: I was super excited to read this novel and I am happy to say that this novel exceeded my expectations. This book was everything the summary promises it to be: full of suspense, action and romance! I really enjoyed the setting of the book. For starters, it was divided into Four Kingdoms comprised of the four elements (a plot point I enjoy in any novel) and all the creatures/beings were descendants of animals. It was interesting to see all the elements of a strong animal in a human-like creature. I was also pleased with how well written the setting was. The writing was full of imagery and amazing descriptions that were very easy to imagine and intriguing to read. Furthermore, I think that the point of view of this novel is great. For the most part, the book is written in 3rd person P.O.V from Evelyn's perspective but at times, readers get glimpses into the mysterious minds of other characters. It was very enjoying to read and to imagine. In addition, I really liked the way the book itself was written. I seemed to really connect with the characters and sometimes I found myself smiling along with the main character. Overall, this book was beyond amazing and it is a must-read for any fantasy novel fan.

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