June 20, 2013

Fierce Reads Tour

Me and Emmy Laybourne
attempting to look scared
(I failed, and I am on the
Yesterday, I went to the Fierce Reads Tour in Toronto. In three words: it was awesome. The panel included Emmy Laybourne (author of Monument 14), Leigh Bardugo (author of the Grisha Series), Jessica Brody (author of Unremembered), Anna Banks (author of Of Poseidon) and Gennifer Albin (Author of Crewel). I waited quite a while to actually sit down to hear the panel but it was worth it. The authors started by introducing their books then they went on to answer some questions. I found all the authors to be quite hilarious. After waiting for two hours, I finally got to get my copies of Monument 14 and Shadow and Bone signed. I met Emmy Laybourne. I asked her about some parts of the ending of Monument 14 and she answered my questions (no spoilers).I also took some pictures with Emmy and she gave me two buttons and a sticker and she signed my book. Next, I met Jessica Brody. I haven't read her book but I said that I want to and she gave me a signed preview of it. I also recieved a signed bookmark for Of Triton. I met Leigh Bardugo but I didn't get to take a picture with her. I was worried that she would read my name as "Sially" due to the messed up writing on the sticky note that indigo gave me. I got my copy of Shadow and Bone signed and I got a Siege and Storm button. All in all, it was nice. I sat beside some nice people during the panel and I met Sofia Malamas and she has a great book out. I'm not sure whether to buy it or not because my eBook is not a kindle but I will figure it out eventually. Anyways, it was totally worth it and yea. Below are some pictures of my copies of Shadow and Bone and Monument 14


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